Care products from Planol for gentle cleaning

In commercial cleaning service, it is not only a matter of thoroughly cleaning surfaces and objects, but also of the right care with special care products. This is the only way they can withstand high stresses and be protected against severe contamination.
This is why Planol includes a large number of cleaning agents that contain care components in its broad product portfolio. If you use our solutions, you protect the materials to be cleaned without diminishing the cleaning performance.

Our range of products in the care product category

Ecological wiping care "Ecoplan" from Planol

Geared to manual and machine surface cleaning, the product cleans and cares for surfaces in one to two operations. Innovative care components leave behind a transparent care film after use, which does not accumulate undesirably even with regular use. Ecoplan wiping care is ideal for deployment in scrubbing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Ecological wiping care "Ecoplan" from Planol 
EU Ecolabel

Clear wipe care concentrate from Planol

Mechanically clean and care for surfaces in one extremely economical operation. After use, innovative polymer components leave behind a transparent protective film that does not build up even with continuous application.

Clear wipe care concentrate from Planol 

High-performance cleaner "Ultraplan" from Planol

Ultraplan is an ultra-wetting high-performance cleaner for manual and mechanical cleaning of water-repellent surfaces. Its active ingredient combination enables residue-free cleaning of elastic coverings, natural and synthetic stone, glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles as well as hydrophobic surfaces.

High-performance cleaner "Ultraplan" from Planol 

Machine cleaner "Fresh Care" from Planol

Tailored to mechanical surface cleaning, the product cleans and cares with innovative polymer components in one operation. They ensure that a transparent protective film develops but does not build up with sustained application.

Machine cleaner "Fresh Care" from Planol 

Machine cleaners from Planol

Concentrate. The machine cleaner is suitable for all types of machines, cleaning with a small amount of foam and without leaving streaks and providing both anti-static and anti-slip effects. Manual cleaning is also possible.

Machine cleaners from Planol 

Soap cleaner concentrate from Planol

Extremely economical highly concentrated soap cleaner with care effect. Biodegradable raw materials enable environmentally compatible cleaning and care. The product is recommended for regular cleaning of all types of floor. Only damp-clean wooden floorboards, laminate and parquetry.

Soap cleaner concentrate from Planol 

Wiping care "Planofloor" from Planol

Planofloor creates a stable layer with good anti-slip properties on all waterproof floor coverings. The product can be used in a wiping or spraying process. Gentle to cleaned surfaces. Cleans and cares without leaving smears in a single operation in manual and mechanical floor cleaning. Concentrate.

Wiping care "Planofloor" from Planol 

Care products in cleaning: To protect the surface

Surfaces are exposed to a wide variety of influences that cause contamination. So that they do not damage the respective material too severely, not only economical cleaning agents are required for thorough removal of dirt but also the right care to protect the surfaces, making them resilient against high stresses. For the different areas of application in professional cleaning, there are different care products geared to the respective needs of each material. Many cleaning agents have integrated care components. This also applies to a large number of cleaning agents from Planol. With our products, you ensure not only clean but also maintained surfaces in commercial cleaning, thus contributing to value retention of property and materials.

Your advantages with our care products

Many years of experience
We have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. In doing so, we are able to draw on a broad wealth of experience. As a preferred supplier of the market leader Piepenbrock, we also profit from the experience gained in everyday application of our products. This is included in our constant new developments and enhancements.

We develop our portfolio continuously, taking account of ecological aspects. On the one hand, our Ecoplan is a particularly environmentally-friendly range of products that we have placed on the market, in that we do not use any additional fragrances and colourings whatsoever; it has been awarded the EU Ecolabel, the so-called EU Flower. On the other hand, we participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point". Within the framework of this system, our packaging is reused as secondary raw materials.

Customer orientation
The satisfaction of our customers is the core of our work. This is why we make products that are tailored to the individual requirements and needs of building service providers, specialist wholesalers, corporate customers and resellers. Moreover, we design our internal processes in such a way that our customers and suppliers profit from the trusting partnership with us in the best possible way.

Cleaning agents from Planol: Cleaning and care in one

For thorough cleaning and comprehensive protection, Planol has a wide range of cleaning agents with care components for a great many different surfaces and floor coverings.
Our certified machine cleaner is suitable for all machines and floor coverings. It cleans and cares with a small amount of foam and without leaving streaks in one operation. The product is used in particular in public facilities, supermarkets and shopping malls.

Ultraplan is certified complying with DIN 18032; it is an ultra-wetting high-performance cleaner with care component. It is used for manual and mechanical cleaning of water-repellent surfaces.
Geared to mechanical surface cleaning, our product "fresh care" cleans and cares in one operation. The product is used in daily maintenance cleaning, is mild and cares for cleaned materials, forming a transparent protective film due to the special  formula composition.

In the same way as fresh care, Planofloor is also used in daily maintenance cleaning. Planofloor cleans and cares on all waterproof floor coverings in one operation. The product is certified complying with DIN 18032 and is used above all for manual and mechanical floor cleaning in public facilities such as hospitals, sports centres and schools.
Our environmentally-friendly Ecoplan wiping care, which has been awarded the EU Ecolabel, is used mainly in facilities such as hospitals and care homes. In addition to the cleaning performance, innovative care components in the product leave a transparent protective film on the cleaned surface.

Alongside the products from our Ecoplan series, our soap cleaner concentrate also contains biodegradable raw materials and is therefore suitable for environmentally compatible cleaning and care of different floor coverings. The very economical and highly concentrated product has a low water content and high care product content.

With our clear wipe care concentrate, you clean and maintain surfaces in one operation. After use of the cleaning agent, the high care product content consisting of soap and polymer components ensures a transparent protective film on the respective material.

Our two floor coatings Acrynol NEO and stone care also have care components. On each floor covering, they form an anti-slip, durable and dirt-repellent film.

You value surface protection that is as comprehensive as possible in commercial cleaning service and are interested in our range of cleaning agents with care components? Then contact us today!