Contract filling from Planol: High-quality and diverse

Nowadays, numerous producing companies outsource parts of their manufacturing processes. Contract filling enables companies to cut costs, save time or capacities, thus gaining a competitive advantage. 
With Planol, you have the right partner in contract filling at your side. As a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality cleaning agents, we produce cleaning agents and care products on your behalf in line with your individual requirements and recipes.

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Savings through outsourcing production steps

Contract filling is a sub-category of the private label business model in which a company outsources certain steps of the production process to another company. Unlike job order production, the manufacturer does not take over all production steps, rather the service begins with filling the product, including job order packaging as well as labelling, and ends, depending on individual customer requirements, with delivery or pickup of the goods. The development and manufacture of the respective products as well as the sale and positioning of the brand on the market remain in the hands of the ordering party. Successful partnerships of many years' standing with Planol in the contract filling of cleaning agents and care products with service providers, wholesalers or cleaning agent producers are evidence of our specialist skills, reliability and discretion.

Your advantages with our contract filling

Many years of experience
We have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. In doing so, we are able to draw on a broad wealth of experience. As a preferred supplier of the market leader Piepenbrock, we also profit from the experience gained in everyday application of our products. This is included in our constant new developments and enhancements.

Certified quality
Our certifications underline the quality of our products. We have been audited complying with ISO 9001:2015 and bear the seal of approval "Commitment to Sustainability" of the private German Institute for Sustainability and Economy. Selected products meet the requirements of the list of tested cleaning agents for ceramic surfaces in swimming baths (RKI list), the DEKRA Laboratory Check (compliance with Austrian standard B 5105; separator-friendly properties), and DIN 18032 Part II (sports centre cleaning). Products that are particularly environmentally-friendly and biodegradable bear the European environmental certificate EU Ecolabel (EU Flower). All products participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point".

Rapid production availability:
In addition to other channels, you can obtain all of our products directly through the commercial wholesale of our distribution partner IGEFA, who have established a Germany-wide network of branch offices. This enables us to ensure that our products reach you quickly. We also deliver larger order quantities directly to you by truck. You can, however, also collect your products from our location in Hanau, where we will have your goods ready for shipping at the agreed point in time.

Contract filling from Planol: Our capacities for your needs

Planol is your contract filler when it is a matter of producing high-quality cleaning agents and care products. We take over parts of your production and treat the information and recipes of our customers as strictly confidential. We have a broad service offering from which you can choose the services that meet your requirements.

Irrespective of whether you make your products in-house or have them made externally, we fill them in the containers you wish to have. Our container sizes range from 0.5-litre bottles, through 10-litre canisters, all the way to 1000-litre containers. In addition to exclusive filling, we also handle the logistics of your products and label, package, wrap and consign them individually. If required, we will place your goods temporarily in our intermediate storage site before they are picked up or delivered.

Are you looking for a partner in contract filling and interested in our service offering portfolio? Then contact us today!