Job order production from Planol: Reliable and competent

Exhausted capacities, production changeovers, lack of machines or the wish to get new ideas and concepts: The reasons for companies outsourcing their production process are very diverse. Job order production enables the manufacturers to bypass capacity bottlenecks, cut costs and concentrate on their core business. As one of the leading producers of cleaning agents, Planol is your reliable partner in job order production. With our specialist skills, we produce your cleaning agents and care products, tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

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Job order production: Successful production outsourcing

Job order production – also referred to as external production – is a form of outsourcing and belongs to the private label business model. In job order production, a contract manufacturer takes over the production for a retail/wholesale company, which then positions the products under their own brand name on the market. The entire production from purchasing the required resources, through the manufacture to consigning and pickup or delivery of the goods is transferred to so-called contract manufacturers. As the customer, the ordering party bears the responsibility and decides on the production process, production volumes as well as the specifications to be complies with. Outsourcing means that the costs are calculable for the commissioning company and lower than in-house manufacture, as no fixed costs for machine provision are incurred. On the other hand, the contract manufacturer has no sales risk and the products do not become their property. External production takes place in different industries and for various product segments. In the chemicals industry, Planol specialises in the manufacture of high-quality cleaning agents and care products and offers you as a service provider all job order production services.

Your advantages with our job order production

Certified quality
Our certifications underline the quality of our products. We have been audited complying with ISO 9001:2015 and bear the seal of approval "Commitment to Sustainability" of the private German Institute for Sustainability and Economy. Selected products meet the requirements of the list of tested cleaning agents for ceramic surfaces in swimming baths (RKI list), the DEKRA Laboratory Check (compliance with Austrian standard B 5105; separator-friendly properties), and DIN 18032 Part II (sports centre cleaning). Products that are particularly environmentally-friendly and biodegradable bear the European environmental certificate EU Ecolabel (EU Flower). All products participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point".

Requirements-oriented solutions:
We support you with our specialists from customer service, quality management and the laboratory in adapting our products to your needs. Moreover, with our technical and chemical expertise we are your partner in the case of new recipes or enhancement of our or of your existing range of products.

Rapid production availability:
In addition to other channels, you can obtain all of our products directly through the commercial wholesale of our distribution partner IGEFA, who have established a Germany-wide network of branch offices. This enables us to ensure that our products reach you quickly. We also deliver larger order quantities directly to you by truck. You can, however, also collect your products from our location in Hanau, where we will have your goods ready for shipping at the agreed point in time.

Job order production from Planol: Everything at one stop

A high level of specialist skills and specific production engineering in the company are indispensable for the manufacture of high-quality cleaning agents. An experienced manufacturer is all the more important in the job order production of cleaning agents and care products. Planol offers you a comprehensive service offering portfolio and the entire manufacturing process at one stop. With our modern machines, we fill containers between 0.5 litres and 1000 litres – in bottles, canisters or containers. We also have various mixing vessels with a volume of up to 10 tonnes, in which we can manufacture your products.

Our range of services in external production includes all production steps. For example, we advise you in advance with regard to your production concept as well as the quality of your products and determine potentials for improvement which we subsequently implement in close collaboration with you. If required, our experts work with you in our in-house laboratory to develop new recipes in line with your wishes, adapt your existing product recipes or combine them with our established cleaning agents from Planol.

Over and above this, we select and order the required raw materials, container and packaging. Subsequently, we not only produce your products, but also handle the labelling, packaging and wrapping of the products before we consign them and, if applicable, store them until they are picked up or delivered. The entire manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality assurance complying with DIN ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees you get a perfect service and that high-quality products are created.

You want to outsource your production process and are looking for a suitable co-operation partner? We offer job order production as a complete package. Contact us today!