Floor coatings from Planol – anti-slip and durable

Whether heavy means of transport in industry, a large number of visitors to public facilities or changing weather conditions on outer surfaces – numerous influences take a lot out of your floors. They become susceptible to various forms of contamination and damage such as chipping or cracks.

With the universal floor coatings from Planol, your surface can withstand the high stresses and remains resilient. We offer the optimal solutions for wide range of surfaces. Geared to your requirements, our high-quality coating systems ensure anti-slip, resilient and protected surfaces.

Our range of products in the floor coating product category

Stone care from Planol

Stone care is a self-gloss dispersion with polymers and plastics that are specially geared to natural and synthetic stone floors (terrazzo tiles, marble, brick). With good coverage and filling power, stone care quickly penetrates the pores, covering surfaces with a resilient, waterproof, shiny, dirt-repellent and anti-slip film. Particularly suitable for stairwells in residential buildings.

Stone care from Planol 

Surface coating "Acrynol NEO" from Planol

As a result of its optimal composition, Acrynol NEO forms a high-gloss, anti-slip, hard film with excellent use and resilience properties. With its good coverage and filling power, it displays outstanding dirt-repellent properties. For coating of linoleum, PVC, floors with gloss, it is particularly suitable for use in institutional facilities (schools, seminar centres, authorities). Can also be used in the cleaner process.

Surface coating "Acrynol NEO" from Planol 

Appropriate coatings for durable floors

Coating contribute to preserving severely stressed floor coverings, making them resilient. Depending on the types of surface, different floor coating agents are required to protect them from mechanical, chemical or thermal loads. Here, the possible measures range from primers, through impregnation and sealing, all the way to varnishing the floor surfaces. Before the coating material is applied, the respective surface should not only be cleaned but also checked. This enables specific properties of the ground/floor to be determined, and these should be taken into account in preparation of the coating process and selection of the suitable coating agent. This is the only way to ensure sustained protection of the surface.

Your advantages with our floor coatings

Many years of experience
We have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. In doing so, we are able to draw on a broad wealth of experience. As a preferred supplier of the market leader Piepenbrock, we also profit from the experience gained in everyday application of our products. This is included in our constant new developments and enhancements.

Certified quality
Our certifications underline the quality of our products. We have been audited complying with ISO 9001:2015 and bear the seal of approval "Commitment to Sustainability" of the private German Institute for Sustainability and Economy. Selected products meet the requirements of the list of tested cleaning agents for ceramic surfaces in swimming baths (RKI list), the DEKRA Laboratory Check (compliance with Austrian standard B 5105; separator-friendly properties), and DIN 18032 Part II (sports centre cleaning). Products that are particularly environmentally-friendly and biodegradable bear the European environmental certificate EU Ecolabel (EU Flower). All products participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point".

Requirements-oriented solutions:
We support you with our specialists from customer service, quality management and the laboratory in adapting our products to your needs. Moreover, with our technical and chemical expertise we are your partner in the case of new recipes or enhancement of our or of your existing range of products.

Floor coatings: Caring protection from Planol

From coatings for sports centres all the way to dirt-repellent and water-repellent stone care, our range of product for ground/floor coating covers a wide variety of applications. With our coatings, we protect your floor coverings so that they acquire long-lasting resilience.

Our product Acrynol Neo is particularly suitable for special cleaning in facilities such as schools, seminar centres or authorities. The product with care component is ideal for coating linoleum, PVC or glossy floors. If forms a shiny, anti-slip, resilient and hard film with excellent user properties as well as an outstanding dirt-repellent effect.

Planol stone care can be used indoors and outdoors. The floor coating agent is applies especially on natural and synthetic stone floors such as terrazzo tiles, marble or brick as well as on stairs in residential buildings. With its good coverage and filling power, the product quickly penetrates the pores, covering surfaces with a resilient, waterproof, shiny, dirt-repellent and anti-slip film.

Both products are also suitable for the so-called 'cleaner technique' to repair damaged surfaces. Filled in 10-litre canisters, they are perfect for commercial application.

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