Fibre-deep cleanliness with textile cleaners from Planol

Carpets and upholstered furniture create a cosy, warm room climate. If, however, they are not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, in the long term they become unhygienic and not very inviting. Stubborn dirt and dust particles quickly cling to the fibres. This is how unpleasant smells arise. Moreover, dust mites and germs in the fabric can cause allergic reactions. So that your textiles also remain nice and clean over the long term, Planol offers optimal solutions for your needs in commercial cleaning. We have many years of experience in the manufacture of cleaning agents and care products. With our wide range of textile cleaners, you reliably remove all contamination from a wide variety of fabrics.

Our range of products in the textile cleaner category

Carpet cleaner from Planol

The liquid foam cleaner concentrate on the basis of detergents leaves behind hard grains that can be vacuumed after drying. Innovative polymers prevent dirt accumulating in the fibres. The product has good dirt remover and dirt suspending properties. Cleaning of all types of carpets. Dries quickly.

Carpet cleaner from Planol 

Defoamer from Planol

The defoamer is an easily applicable and dispersible emulsion based on silicone that unfolds its efficiency in hot and cold media. Destroys existing foam consisting of surfactant and soap residues. Even small amounts mean that the foam disintegrates immediately and foam formation is suppressed for a sustained period. The high product stability in a pH value window between 4 and 10 enables a wide range of uses.

Defoamer from Planol 

Universal cleaner "Plano FORTE" from Planol

Its very economical combination of water-soluble solvents and innovative surfactants qualifies Plano FORTE as a ready-to-use multi-talent, particularly for cleaning plastic surfaces such as whiteboards, training rooms, microwave ovens as well as for cleaning in industry and workshops, all the way to cleaning wheel rims.

Universal cleaner "Plano FORTE" from Planol 
Uniplan Universalreiniger

Universal cleaner "Uniplan" from Planol

Uniplan universal cleaner is a powerful, surfactant-free universal cleaner without alkali, acid or enzyme additives for manual and/or mechanical cleaning. It is also suitable for carpet care.

Universal cleaner "Uniplan" from Planol 

Upholstery cleaner "Sprühex cleaning agent" from Planol

The label-free Sprühex machine cleaner is a low-foam, cleaning agent for the spray extraction technique that is gentle to materials. The product is suitable for carpet cleaning with all appliances usual for the market. The carpet cleaner contains surfactants but does not leave any product residues on the fibres.

Upholstery cleaner "Sprühex cleaning agent" from Planol 

Textile cleaners: Thorough and kind to materials at the same time

In office buildings, carpet floorings and upholstered furniture are subjected to severe stress every day. Unusual as well as stubborn contamination and stains that simple universal cleaners in most cases can only remove inadequately arise frequently. This is why building service providers and cleaning firms use specific textile cleaners. These can be used to clean carpets, upholstered furniture or car seats thoroughly without attacking the material and bleaching the textiles. The textile cleaners from Planol enable you to clean gently and intensively in both manual and mechanical application.

Your advantages with our basic cleaners

Rapid production availability:
In addition to other channels, you can obtain all of our products directly through the commercial wholesale of our distribution partner IGEFA, who have established a Germany-wide network of branch offices. This enables us to ensure that our products reach you quickly. We also deliver larger order quantities directly to you by truck. You can, however, also collect your products from our location in Hanau, where we will have your goods ready for shipping at the agreed point in time.

Co-operations in research and development
In our company, the development of clean solutions for the future of cleaning services does not take place behind closed doors. Instead, we work closely with renowned research facilities. We actively involve our co-operation partners such as universities, manufacturers from the industry or service providers from the field of facility management in the enhancement of our products.

Many years of experience
We have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. In doing so, we are able to draw on a broad wealth of experience. As a preferred supplier of the market leader Piepenbrock, we also profit from the experience gained in everyday application of our products. This is included in our constant new developments and enhancements.

The appropriate textile cleaner for mechanical and manual application

In order to remove stains from textiles thoroughly and avoid unpleasant smells, we offer suitable solutions for your services. Whether carpets, sofas or car seats, our textile cleaners ensure fibre-deep and gentle cleaning of a wide variety of textile materials.

Our ready-to-use cleaning agent Plano FORTE, for example, can be used in many different ways in maintenance and special cleaning. It effectively removes pen stains, stamping ink or nicotine residues from your textiles.
The label-free Uniplan universal cleaner if used on the one hand in manual cleaning of upholstered furniture and, on the other hand, in mechanical carpet cleaning and care.
In basic and special cleaning, both our low-foaming Sprühex and our carpet cleaning agent are suitable for carpet cleaning and care that is gentle to the material and leaves no product residues on the fibres. The textile cleaning agents can be used in combination with all appliances usual for the market.

Our defoamer also supports you in cleaning with machines. It suppresses foam formation for a sustained period and has a wide range of uses.
Tailored to your needs as a cleaning firm or building service provider, we offer our textile cleaners optionally in 1-litre bottles or 10-litre canisters.

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