Catering cleaning agents from Planol – thorough and effective

In catering businesses, retail outlets and bakeries, food is stored, processed and consumed. If food comes into contact with impurities such as grease residues, bacteria or micro-organisms, it can have negative effects on the health of guests and customers. Hygiene is particularly important in catering and food-processing operations – not least because of the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). It is only when these are clean from end to end that you ensure the trust and sustained satisfaction of your guests.

Planol has many years of experience in the manufacture of cleaning agents and care products and offers you a comprehensive portfolio of catering cleaning agent for a wide variety of areas of application. With our solutions, you ensure hygienic cleanliness.

Our range of products in the catering cleaning agent category

"Plano CLEAR" all-purpose cleaner from Planol

Plano CLEAR is an effective special cleaning agent that is suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of a wide variety of water- and alcohol-resistant washable surfaces as well as floor coverings. These include tiles, laminate, PVC, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, ceramics and glass surfaces. For example, the cleaning agent can be used in open-plan offices (for example for monitors, keyboards, telephones, printers, whiteboards, mirrors, glass…

"Plano CLEAR" all-purpose cleaner from Planol 
Plano SOFT

"Plano SOFT" from Planol

This very economical gentle cleaner dries quickly without leaving streaks. It is used particularly for shiny and waterproof floors as well as varnished and painted surfaces, tiles, natural and artificial stone, enamel, glass, PVC and linoleum floors. As a universal office cleaner, it is equally suitable for parquetry flooring (damp cleaning), doors, matt surfaces, dust and grease-like contamination.

"Plano SOFT" from Planol 

Detergent neutral cleaner from Planol

The maintenance cleaner is suitable for cleaning tasks where it is particularly important to treat surfaces, crockery and objects of all types gently. It is also suitable for cleaning kitchen appliances (microwave ovens, for example).

Detergent neutral cleaner from Planol 
Spülmittel Neutralreiniger
Scheuermittel flüssig

Liquid scouring agent from Planol

The ready-to-use liquid scouring agent cleans and scours without scratching. Micro-fine polishing granules in conjunction with detergents effortlessly remove even the most stubborn contamination in the kitchen and bathroom such as limescale, burnt-on oil or greasy dirt, leaving a radiant shine on glossy surfaces.

Liquid scouring agent from Planol 

Oven cleaner from Planol

The canteen kitchen cleaner is a liquid, alkaline, ready-to-use cleaning agent with foam-active components, grease solvents and dirt dispersants. The product is suitable for all levels of water hardness and can therefore also be used with higher levels of water hardness. Removes dirt quickly and reliably in the entire canteen kitchen area such as convection ovens, grill grates or baking trays.

Oven cleaner from Planol 

Universal cleaner "Plano FORTE" from Planol

Its very economical combination of water-soluble solvents and innovative surfactants qualifies Plano FORTE as a ready-to-use multi-talent, particularly for cleaning plastic surfaces such as whiteboards, training rooms, microwave ovens as well as for cleaning in industry and workshops, all the way to cleaning wheel rims.

Universal cleaner "Plano FORTE" from Planol 

Catering cleaning agents: Effective against germs and bacteria

Stringent legal hygiene regulations apply to catering, hotels, bakeries and other food-processing operations. In canteen kitchens and bakeries, there are many danger zones where pathogenic agents and bacteria can lurk. These include appliances and surfaces such as tables, chopping boards, ovens, hotplates, glass displays, dishwashers or microwave ovens. In order to minimise the risk of food contamination, professional cleaning with the appropriate products is required. Special catering cleaning agents even remove extensive contamination such as burnt-on grease or oil. They are particularly effective, take effect rapidly and are easy to handle and apply. Planol offers you a wide range of powerful catering cleaning agents you can use to clean the different surfaces and appliances efficiently and thoroughly.

Your advantages with our catering cleaning agents

Requirements-oriented solutions:
We support you with our specialists from customer service, quality management and the laboratory in adapting our products to your needs. Moreover, with our technical and chemical expertise we are your partner in the case of new recipes or enhancement of our or of your existing range of products.

We develop our portfolio continuously, taking account of ecological aspects. On the one hand, our Ecoplan is a particularly environmentally-friendly range of products that we have placed on the market, in that we do not use any additional fragrances and colourings whatsoever; it has been awarded the EU Ecolabel, the so-called EU Flower. On the other hand, we participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point". Within the framework of this system, our packaging is reused as secondary raw materials.

Certified quality
Our certifications underline the quality of our products. We have been audited complying with ISO 9001:2015 and bear the seal of approval "Commitment to Sustainability" of the private German Institute for Sustainability and Economy. Selected products meet the requirements of the list of tested cleaning agents for ceramic surfaces in swimming baths (RKI list), the DEKRA Laboratory Check (compliance with Austrian standard B 5105; separator-friendly properties), and DIN 18032 Part II (sports centre cleaning). Products that are particularly environmentally-friendly and biodegradable bear the European environmental certificate EU Ecolabel (EU Flower). All products participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point".

Hygienic cleanliness with catering cleaning agents from Planol

In the kitchens of the catering industry as well as bakeries, cleanliness has top priority to protect the health of guests and customers. With the catering cleaning agents from Planol, you ensure the required hygiene and prevent the emergence of germs and bacteria. Our alkaline products are particularly suitable for the removal of organic contamination such a oils and greases.
For example, our ready-to-use oven cleaner with its short application time of five to ten minutes and its high grease-dissolving power reliably removes even extensive incrustations. It is therefore ideal for cleaning grill grates, baking trays, hotplates, convection ovens and continuous fryers in canteen kitchens.

With our liquid, ready-to-use scouring agent, you effectively remove the most stubborn contamination such as burnt-on oil or greasy dirt and give surfaces a shine. Both kitchen cleaners are used in basic, special and maintenance cleaning.

Our cleaning agent Plano CLEAR can be used on washable surfaces such as bakery displays cases and waterproof floor coverings such as laminate, PVC, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, chrome or ceramics.

Plano FORTE is a ready-to-use cleaning agent that is particularly suitable for cleaning aluminium, stainless steel and plastic surfaces such as microwave ovens.
In the same way as Plano FORTE, our detergent neutral cleaner is also used in maintenance and special cleaning. This universal kitchen cleaner is gentle to the skin and is recommended above all for sensitive surfaces, crockery and kitchen appliances.
Depending on the product, our cleaning agents for catering and bakeries are available in spray bottles, in 12 x 1-litre or 4 x 5-litre cartons as well as 10-litre canisters.

Are you looking for the appropriate cleaning agent for your kitchen or bakery? Then obtain advice regarding our range of catering cleaning agents and contact us today!