"Plano CLEAR" all-purpose cleaner from Planol

Use cases:

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Anionic surfactants (below 5%), fragrances, alcohol and additives

pH value:

approx. 10

Hazard situation:


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Carton (12 x 0.75 litres)


Property and application:

Plano CLEAR is an effective special cleaning agent that is suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of a wide variety of water- and alcohol-resistant washable surfaces as well as floor coverings. These include tiles, laminate, PVC, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, ceramics and glass surfaces. For example, the cleaning agent can be used in open-plan offices (for example for monitors, keyboards, telephones, printers, whiteboards, mirrors, glass display cases), households, laboratories or shower cabins.

In particular during the current COVID-19 pandemic, this ready-to-use special cleaning agent can also be used to clean the plastic, acrylic or perspex protective screens in retail outlets as well as to clean so-called "face shields".

For use, Plano CLEAR is applied to a cleaning cloth which is then wiped over the surface to be cleaned. If required, the surface can be wiped once again with a dry cloth or absorbent paper towel. Do not use on hot surfaces and/or connected electrical appliances.

Special features:

  • Glass display cases, for example bakery displays
  • Screen, telephone, keyboard, printer, mouse, whiteboard
  • Real glass and perspex
  • Label-free
  • Ready to use


  • Lemon


  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Special cleaners