Our broadly diversified portfolio of professional cleaning agents

The tasks in professional cleaning services are diverse. A wide range of contamination on very different surfaces and areas of application require individual processing. The range of cleaning agents on the market is therefore broadly diversified. Depending on the type of contamination, the cleaning agents have different ingredients and components. As one of the leading manufacturers in Germany, Planol produces professional and high-quality cleaning agents and offers suitable cleaning agents for every type of contamination on various surfaces. With our solutions, you ensure hygienic cleanliness at your customers and contribute to preserving the value of property.

Our range of products in the cleaning agent category

Cleaning agents for sustained cleanliness and hygiene

The term 'cleaning agent' describes all products that are used to clean different surfaces and materials based on their chemical composition – both concentrated and diluted in combination with water. Depending on the area of application as well as the material to be cleaned, the products in commercial cleaning services have different compositions. This means that the cleaning products used in industry differ from those used in catering, and even glass cleaners differ from products used to clean sanitary facilities or textile surfaces.

Cleaning agents are composed of different substances such as surfactants, acids, alkalis, bleaches and enzymes; these are present in different concentrations depending on the intended purpose of the products. The cleaning molecules in the solutions remove the dirt on the respective surface. Another distinguishing feature of cleaning agents is the pH value. Whereas acidic cleaning agents remove mineral deposits such as limescale, urine scale or rust, alkaline cleaning products have a caustic effect and remove organic impurities such as grease and proteins as well as paints. Neutral cleaning agents, which are neither acidic nor alkaline, are used as all-purpose cleaning agents. Over and above this, some solutions such as sanitary cleaners contain fragrances to spread a pleasant odour and a sustained sense of freshness. Corrosion inhibitors also prevent material surfaces from being attacked by acidic cleaning agents.

Whether in industry, commerce, the trades or catering – Planol provides powerful cleaning agents for a wide variety of applications, available through our reliable suppliers or our distribution partner IGEFA. You can also collect your goods directly in our plant in Hanau.

Your advantages with our cleaning agents

Many years of experience
We have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. In doing so, we are able to draw on a broad wealth of experience. As a preferred supplier of the market leader Piepenbrock, we also profit from the experience gained in everyday application of our products. This is included in our constant new developments and enhancements.

We develop our portfolio continuously, taking account of ecological aspects. On the one hand, our Ecoplan is a particularly environmentally-friendly range of products that we have placed on the market, in that we do not use any additional fragrances and colourings whatsoever; it has been awarded the EU Ecolabel, the so-called EU Flower. On the other hand, we participate in the Dual System in Germany, the "Green Point". Within the framework of this system, our packaging is reused as secondary raw materials.

Customer orientation
The satisfaction of our customers is the core of our work. This is why we make products that are tailored to the individual requirements and needs of building service providers, specialist wholesalers, corporate customers and resellers. Moreover, we design our internal processes in such a way that our customers and suppliers profit from the trusting partnership with us in the best possible way.

Planol: The right solutions for every type of dirt

In commercial cleaning services, economical cleaning agents are essential for the different areas of application and types of contamination. With Planol's comprehensive and high-quality range of products, you have the right cleaning agents on hand at all times.

For example, you use our industrial cleaners to clean machines, tools and heavily soiled surfaces effectively. In the manufacturing industry or in workshops, clean installations and systems are a basic requirement for a smooth production process and the manufacture of high-quality products.
In catering and food-processing operations, hygiene is particularly important. Our catering and kitchen cleaners prevent the emergence of germs and bacteria and ensure the required hygiene in canteen kitchens and bakeries. With our Ecoplan series, we place our trust in biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. Our ecological cleaning agents, for example, are produced on the basis of plant-based ingredients and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. In doing so, we ensure that your cleaning services are environmentally friendly.

Over and above this, our portfolio contains a large number of other products for very different areas of application. These include our universal cleaners, which can be applied to a wide variety of materials, and our range of sanitary cleaners, glass cleaners, textile cleaners as well as surface cleaners. For machine floor cleaning, we have a broad selection of machine cleaners as well as basic cleaners that can also be used manually. Our cleaning concentrates and special cleaners are suitable for removing even the most stubborn dirt effortlessly. With Planol windscreen cleaning fluids, it's child's play to remove severe contamination such as insect residues in summer and splash water containing salt in winter. Our air fresheners, available in different fragrance variations, ensure a pleasant odour after professional cleaning. Geared to your needs in professional cleaning, the container sizes of our products vary between 0.5-litre and 1-litre bottles and 5-litre and 10-litre canisters.


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