Fragrance oil "Coco Vanilla" from Planol

Use cases:

Anwendungsfall 37


Non-ionic surfactants (below 5%), fragrances, benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone

pH value:

approx. 7.0

Hazard situation:

Gefahrenzeichen "giftig"

Art. no.:


EAN no.:


Carton (10 x 0.5 litres)



Canister (1 x 5 litres)


Property and application:

Fragrance oil Coco Vanilla is an effective masking fragrance for all rooms. Fragrance oils can be used as supplements after cleaning to improve the perception of indoor spaces. The product is very suitable as a daily supplement of additive odours for odour-neutral products. Please bear in mind that fragrance oils do not fully evaporate and they leave residues on different surfaces. Use on all waterproof and washable surfaces, objects and floor coverings. NOTE: Do not mix the product with mopping water. The respective fragrance oils are to be used after cleaning.

Special features:

  • Ready to use
  • Creates a pleasant room climate
  • Deployment of perfume oils manufactured in line with ISRA
  • Masks bad odours
  • Versatile deployment options


  • Vanilla


  • After maintenance cleaning to add fragrance
  • After basic cleaning to add fragrance
  • After special cleaning to add fragrance