Antifreeze "ice breaker" from Planol

Use cases:

Anwendungsfall 24 Anwendungsfall 25


Anionic surfactants (below 5%), fragrances, alcohol, additives and colouring

pH value:

approx. 6.5

Hazard situation:

Gefahrenzeichen "entz√ľndlich" Gefahrenzeichen "giftig"

Art. no.:


EAN no.:


Carton (12 x 1 litre)


Property and application:

"Ice breaker" is a cleaning concentrate based on alcohol for thorough cleaning of all glass surfaces, windscreens etc. The windscreen antifreeze concentrate effortlessly dissolves greasy contamination, leaving a shine without leaving streaks. Compatible with polycarbonate surfaces. Empty the fluid reservoir before filling; comply with the recommended concentration.

Special features:

  • Extremely economical concentrate
  • Loosens greasy contamination
  • High frost safety reserve
  • Without leaving streaks and smears
  • For temperatures to below -45 degrees Celsius


  • Citrus


  • Special cleaning

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